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There are many ways to support the efforts for the St. John's Home in Bulgaria. If you are interested, please contact us and we will be in contact as soon as we can. Thanks!


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• We had a church in Rochester, NY host a Mission's night and banquet.  They had activities/centers for children to learn about Bulgaria, followed by a nice fundraising banquet.  They raised over $15,000 that night to go towards the various ministries here.  They're heart was instead of sending people for 1 week at $2,000 each, they wanted to put that money straight into the local work and people.  It was beautiful!  They also sent a group of ladies to train and teach ladies to sew for one of the new church plant's micro-enterprise project.  It has taken off and the items are beautiful!

• We had a young girl sell t-shirts in her town and raised money for a local church plant to buy roof materials for a new church plant.

• We have had generous foundations give and support the work here that love children

• We had a church in Germany drive two large truckloads of materials and items to donate.  Wood-burning stoves, agricultural tools for the farm, sewing machines, tables, children's ministry items, and so many other things.  They drove all night to give of themselves to help.

• We had a church in Ohio do a marathon fundraiser and gave generously.

• Last week we had a group come from Lancaster FMC to work on the home.  They worked in the garden/yard clearing out brush and cutting limbs.  They were such a blessing

• We had an older lady attend church here in Bulgaria for Easter a few weeks ago and donate 50 leva, we have others that are older wanting to donate they gardening skills, and plants.  Out of the little they have, they want to be a part.

• We have community groups that are dedicated to weekly prayer for the home.


• We are in the process of remodeling the St. John's Home. We need to raise more money and volunteers.